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SaaS product launch event.

  Aberdeen Group  

Aberdeen Group needed a partner that could help them move from their legacy brand to a new (SaaS) product company brand and launch a new product, Lead Essentials. Mighty & True worked alongside the Aberdeen team to reposition them across all platforms. From building new digital, to installing new digital technology to helping to drive innovative online and in-person events, MT and Aberdeen worked to re-invent how their prospects and customers interact and buy from this marquie technology company.

The Build

  • Full website concept, design and build, along with .net integration.
  • Redesign of demand generation process, reporting and KPIs.
  • Rebuild of demand generation templates for email, media, social and all content types
  • Concept, design and implementation of live events including the flagship, Lead Essentials Live event.
  • Initial concept, UX and design of Lead Essentials, Aberdeen’s move into the SaaS product world