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Bridging the physical and digital like a boss

The Idea

Take a legacy digital property and create an online and offline experience that attaches Aberdeen Group to local technology audiences.

The Build

We bridged the physical and digital by creating a rock-star like event, Aberdeen Essentials.Live that brought industry luminaries, Aberdeen thought leaders and other technology players together for a series of offline and online discussion and community.

Building a flagship product from napkin to mobile device

The Idea

Take two disparate legacy, mostly offline products and combine them into one online application to allow customers to experience both better.

The Build

Using rapid prototyping and development, we worked with the Aberdeen team to design a mobile and desktop application, Lead Essentials that is now their flagship offering for customers looking to combine their leading technology data with trending Aberdeen Group content. Then we helped them market the crap out of it at launch.

Getting prospects to fill in the blanks and share

The Idea

Create a disruptive social application to get noticed at major conference events.

The Build

Using Aberdeen's core value proposition of giving customers the "full story" with their combined data and content solution, we created a social program that used a web and mobile application to complete well know stories in unexpected ways. The application was used as part of a social activation program at industry events that drove a lot of exposure… and sideways looks.

Gamifying the cloud storage space

The Idea

Incentivise cloud decision makers to engage with Dimension Data using game mechanics

The Build

Dimension Data had the idea to combine hard hitting B2B content with consumer-like gamification techniques in an entirely new take on content marketing. The Mighty & True team helped them build a gamified-content site that both informed and also created incentives for engagement over time.

Building content optimized for social

The Idea

Use social media data to build a market facing content strategy

The Build

Dimension Data needed to build new content and rather than just starting, we worked with them to use data among their core social audiences to create new social personas, find out what was trending among their top customers and influencers and ultimately help us fuel an entirely new approach for content.

Making the Data that Matters... Matter

The Idea

Redefine what it means when Iron Mountain says "storage".

The Build

We worked with Iron Mountain to reposition their cloud product brand, create a foundational web presence and put the infrastructure in place to analyze their prospect interactions in meaningful ways over time.

Take a Museum's Digital Strategy farther into Outer Space

The Idea

Take an already innovative organization and make even more use out of new digital techniques.

The Build

The Perot Museum has never been satisfied with status quo. They approached Mighty & True to help them re-imagine how digital could make an even bigger impact on their organization and guests experience throughout the museum. We delivered a comprehensive digital strategy that was used at the C-Level to define key initiatives to take them far into the future.

Bringing customers closer to Vantage Data Center

The Idea

Helps sales sell the value of the data center

The Build

Vantage's unique data center environment is a real differentiator and sales needed a way to tell their unique story in more than a PowerPoint. We worked with the Vantage team to create a presentation that included a virtual walkthrough of a Vantage data center that sales could use to get their point across in a new way.

Visualizing Happy Customers

The Idea

Get a good idea what customers think about Vantage and then use it our Advantage.

The Build

Using a custom-developed, mobile-enabled survey application, we helped Vantage survey over 50% of their customer base to measure NPS and other critical satisfaction indicators. We used the results to help Vantage promote how well they were doing both internally and externally.