Our mission is to make tech marketing hassle-free for all of us

At Mighty & True, we strive to create a better world for our employees and customers by eliminating the stress of tech marketing and empowering us all to unleash our full creative potential.

Turns out, there is a much better way to build a business

How it started

I’ve always been a builder. Ever since I was a kid, I loved to get into the flow of just thinking, tinkering, sketching, and ultimately creating stuff. And when I got into the business of tech marketing, the building kept rolling. I built frameworks, presentations, teams, and departments, and ultimately I tried my hand at building a few businesses for others. Heck, how fun would that be if I could build my own business from scratch? The problem was, I was doing most of this building alone. Turns out I was good at building alone, but when it came to building something that could be systematized, documented, and passed on to others, I sucked. So when I tried my hand at it in my own business, it worked great... but eventually the scale of it all made it hard.

How it’s going

That’s when I discovered a different way to bring order and scale to building a business that could be different. I found out that the real way to build a lasting business is to work every day at building scaleable systems that can be documented, trained, and learned into the very fabric of the company and its employees. That’s Mighty & True. We are on a mission to build a systems-driven business that brings order to the chaos of high-performance tech marketing. That makes things repeatable, sane, and frankly more enjoyable for our employees and customers. We’re willing to do the hard work to make it easy for everyone.

Our mission

So if you happen to work for us or with us, we promise that we are constantly, doggedly, passionately building systems every day to make all our lives easier and ultimately hassle-free... so we can be free to live our best lives.

Kevin Kerner, CEO, Mighty & True
Our values

We're building a community of hassle-free pros

You know that co-worker you really love to work with? Yeah, we’re trying to build more of those by creating a group of people that respect each other, are super dependable and well, nice.


At M&T, we value dependability in our employees. This means that you can count on them to be loyal, stable, and trustworthy, always delivering on their commitments and helping others to do the same. They see dependability as a duty and are vigilant in their concern for our customers and company.


At M&T, we believe in being kind to one another. This means being friendly, fun, generous, and considerate to those around us. It's about having the courage and strength to celebrate and give attention to others, and treating them the way we want to be treated.


At M&T, we're passionate about providing our customers with the best service possible, tailored to their unique needs. We believe in treating our customers with the love and respect they deserve, and going above and beyond to create moments of unexpected delight in every interaction.


At M&T having initiative means being proactive and taking the lead, without waiting for someone to tell you what to do. It's about being energized and knowing what needs to be done next, even before being asked.


At M&T being positive is all about seeing the silver lining in every situation and coming up with creative solutions when things get tough. It's about pushing through challenges with passion and optimism, and leaving negative thoughts behind.

We work with the best AI, design and no-code partners

To make all this work, you have to have good friends. And we do. We work with some of the best and most cutting-edge designs, no code, and automation tools to reduce the hard and make the easy, well... easier.

We’re looking for like-minded people to build with

We are tech marketing experts

We aren’t just a design shop. We’re tech marketing junkies. We’ll use our expertise to craft just the right strategy and play options for your desired outcome.

Our playbook works

We know it takes time to start from scratch, especially when we have the base of knowledge and experience to start from. That’s why we created a play-based formula for everything we do.

We love to build systems

Using systems and automation, we make it easy for customers and team members to feel in control every step of the way. We like to de-stress our clients at every turn and systems do that.

Want to join our team

We are looking for team members that share our values and can rally around our vision. If that’s you, let’s talk!