About us

Mighty & True is a business built for B2B and technology marketers.

Mission Statement

At Mighty & True, we believe in the power of storytelling and technology in engaging the technical buyer. We believe in craftsmanship. We believe that projects need to looks beautiful, and function seamlessly. We believe in inspiring colleagues and clients to step back and think beyond “how it’s done,” to make things work better.

Our name says it all. We are mighty. We take big swings. We are true.

The most important is the &. It connects. It compliments. It amplifies. It is more. And you can be more because we are Mighty & True.

Our core principals

Everything is design

We reject the notion that design starts and ends with art and code. For us, design isn’t just what things look like… it’s how things work. We apply design thinking to everything we do.

Great tech performs

There’s sometimes a reflex to meet performance goals with volume and speed. We believe the key to true brand performance is great design-thinking in everything we do.

We like momentum

We encourage testing, experimentation and iteration to ensure that little, by little, what we create finds its optimal level of performance.

Start with the customer

We realize that driving performance starts with plans that center on empathy and what customers desire. Well designed programs enhance the users experience at every touchpoint.

We turn inertia into momentum

Getting it right the first time is great, but it rarely happens in the real world. We play the long game. We believe that evolution and measurable improvement are the true keys to high-performance programs and campaigns.

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