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5 min read

AI Use Case: Automating the video creation process

In our latest AI use case, we used a video transcript to create an entire video, landing page and email series in just hours.
5 min read

Beyond gated forms: how ghost marketing is reshaping B2B buyer journeys

We are sick and tired of forms and we bet you are too. Let's unleash the ghosts and drive better performance.
5 min read

Maximizing middle-stage B2B buyer engagement: Content plays that drive results

Middle-stage content is where the rubber hits the road. Get your team ready to go with this list of content plays for middle-funnel.
5 min read

The power of minimal viable marketing and how playbooks can help

Minimal viable marketing is a popular tactic that focuses on those tactics that are essential to get launched. Here's why we love this approach.
5 min read

How action planning templates can help save tech marketers time

We like to save time and action plan templates are just what the doctor ordered.
5 min read

Our Mighty & True landing page and email planner

Here is our super secret landing page and email copy template. Really. It's super secret.

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