We are in the business of serving others. Period.

Our Mission Says It All

As a band of marketing and tech-driven visionaries, we empower you to be more creative, drive performance and look good.

From our Hometown (Austin):


We’re here for you – in any way you can imagine. It’s the Mighty & True Way.


We inspire people to think outside the box and have the courage to do things in new, innovative ways.


We get clear, actionable results both internally and externally (process improvement, revenue, internal props – you name it!).


We enable others to do great work helping propel them forward. You look good. Your company looks good. Everyone wins.


Our team is made of folks that have worked in B2B and technology for decades (and some new ones too that are learning real fast). You won’t have to teach us your business. We get it.


We have a global team that can pretty much do anything you ask in most popular martech tools. We like to tinker, experiment and make the best use of our client’s martech stack (to drive revenue).


It’s not enough to just create great tech… it has to look great too. So, we’ve compiled an award-winning UX, Design and Creative team to make your programs come to life.


Life’s too short to work with jerks, egoists or bad dudes. We get along with our clients and make friends easily. Even in the toughest situations, we stay nice, mighty and true.


Kevin Kerner

Kevin Kerner

Founder / CEO

20+ years helping B2B brands improve their market position and performance against the competition.

He’s a recovering musician and has 9 kids…yep, you read that right.

Jenny Charanza

Jenny Charanza

VP, Client Strategy and Marketing

A master in advertising with client-side & agency experience + a strong focus on results.

She cross-fits around the office parking lot during the week and chases her son on weekends.

Jennifer Pyron

Jennifer Pyron

Sr Director, Client Strategy & Marketing

With over nearly a decade of B2B technology marketing experience, she loves driving cutting-edge programs that drive results.

Tacos, tunes and her toddler are what keeps her going after hours.

Paul Carrubba

Paul Carrubba

Creative Strategist / Sr. Copywriter

Is a master in journalism and has helped start-up and global players re-explain themselves.

You can also hear Paul spin tunes on KUTX 98.9 in Austin Sundays 2pm – 6pm.

Alex Arciniaga

Alex Arciniaga

Web Development and Infrastructure Specialist

Resident tall guy and tech guru, bringing a background of IT and web development to bring our technology stack dreams to life.

He spends his time out on the shooting range or maintaining his crown in the competitive videogame world.

Michael Freberg

Michael Freberg

Creative Director

Fueled by his kids, wife, dog and coffee. Continuously working to bring brands to life through big ideas, brilliant design and great experiences.

Like a true Texan, loves the Astros and BBQ sauce.

Sonita Haynes

Sonita Haynes

Digital Producer

With a background in both the agency and client-side worlds, she ensures the train stays on track for every project she is on.

A Chicago native, she traded in polar vortex winters for the sunshine of ATX, here to keep the weird train going.

Patti Englebert

Patti Englebert

Director, Creative Services

Seasoned producer with over 2 decades of experience producing, managing, creating and problem-solving, she loves good creative and is always up for a good challenge.
Spending time with her family, a good book and The Outerbanks of North Carolina are a few of her favorite things.
Matthew Bernal

Matthew Bernal

Digital Media Planner, Strategist

With experience working with brands such as Whataburger, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, and Frost Bank – this Media Planner leverages his experience by weaving insights into strategies for our clients.

The Hill Country, The Dallas Cowboys, and his love for Tex-Mex are what fuel his mind in Marketing. His fiancé and him also team up to outrun their 4-year old son on Saturdays.



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