HotSchedules has a lot of name recognition in the restaurant industry. But even with that leading brand, their digital programs weren’t performing up to par. We helped change that.

The playbook

HotSchedules has a diverse audience and user base—from small-business owners to technology decision-makers at large hospitality brands. From our initial action plan, we knew that everything we designed—from web pages to campaigns to videos—needed to lean into something of which they could all relate: their dedication to the hospitality industry.

As part of this play, we created targeted ads, account-based marketing programs for their largest accounts and landing pages with web animations as add-on creative snaps.

The final result was a fully-cohesive playbook that helped them to beat their demand generation goals consistently.

The outcome

Our programs were designed to drive maximum conversion from email to landing page to offer. In fact, after redesigning their landing page approach, the client saw a 28% increase in landing page CTA conversion in the first 30 days.

HotSchedules also was on the acquisition track and in part to their strong brand and lead generation effort, were able to be successfully acquired while we were working with them. We knew that our efforts might have some affect on that strategy... and it looks like it did.