NTT global campaign

Launching a Global Brand — We helped one of the world's largest data center companies speak with one voice.

The playbook

Pulling off the re-brand and launch of a major, global technology company required significant strategic thinking. But before we could begin to align all the stakeholders involved on specific launch plans and tactics, we had to take stock of what everyone was bringing to the table.

During action planning, we conducted systematic interviews with as many of the players as we could in order to uncover what made each regional provider unique and, more importantly, what they had in common.

The next step in creating a global brand launch strategy was (and is) one of the most vital: developing an ownable brand position and the messaging pillars to support that position. The position (i.e. the what, how and who of what sets them apart from competitors) and supporting messaging are more than tactical waypoints, they are the foundation on which the brand is built.

For example, by understanding who NTT serves, we can triangulate messaging and, ultimately, specific tactics that align to what they do best and how they do it. From a scientific point of view, the position is the standard against which we compare any potential tactic or message. The question becomes, "How does this tactic support our position?"In NTT's case, we helped turn their challenge into an asset.

The outcome

Leaning into what made each brand unique while tying them together with the global reach of NTT made the new Global Data Centers brand unique in and of itself. Working for other technology clients generally, and data centers specifically, provided with insight into what would potentially resonate. Global interconnection combined with highly specific local or regional insight was something that only NTT could offer, and it was our guide for every channel, tactic, touchpoint and message.

With a position and messaging framework as a compass, we began to map out tactics, content recommendations, ad plans and more. But while the position and subsequent tactics were how we communicated NTT's value, maximum performance was always the goal, and it was at the heart of every decision.

For example, we felt the global scale-meets-local service position was ideal to drive performance down the line because it spoke to something that was missing from the market. The performance mind-set drove everything from creative to content delivery to the touchpoints and channels we recommended. Much like NTT Global Data Centers itself, each individual part served to support the whole. And we helped NTT weave them together to make a brand built to perform.

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