NTT had an idea to create a revolutionary video series focused on how data centers are at the heart of keeping our increasingly digital world running. We were glad to help out.

The playbook

Being the third largest data center provider in the world, NTT knows what it takes to run data centers. Maybe even more importantly, they know exactly how to keep our digital world running smoothy, even in the face of extreme environmental, societal and technology changes.

This play was designed to showcase the unseen part of the data center world. In this documentary style video play, we are creating a series of videos that each take on a different hard hitting topic from the point of view of the data center professional.

What would happen if our data centers went down? We'd rather not find out. And thanks to NTT, it looks like it's going to stay that way.

The outcome

We initially created the first 3 videos in what will be a series of videos hosted by various NTT Global Data Center leaders, taking on some of the most important topics of our day. AI, global climate change, societal pressures, new technologies. You name it.

In addition to the video content, we also launch a series of creative snaps to include a series landing page, emails and ads that will run to promote the video content.

Watch the Data Center Unseen Series

Watch our the first of what will be a series of documentary style videos, all produced by M&T and NTT below