Silicon Labs Interactive Content

Silicon Labs is a leader in embedded technologies and is helping to create the next generation of smart products and IOT devices for consumers and business. When they needed to show off all the places their smart chips could go, we were up for the task.

The playbook

Silicon Labs' embedded technology powers some of the most innovative IOT devices in cities, buildings and homes. One challenge in demonstrating the value of their products is having engineers simply understand where the technology can be applied.

During our action planning, we knew we needed content that allowed users to actually experience the use cases for Silicon Labs products. We created this immersive web experience to allow buyers to "enter" into various environments and explore in a 3D / Spatial environment.

The outcome

Partnering with Silicon Labs product, marketing and sales leadership, the M&T team created 3 distinct virtual world that showcased the Silicon Labs product suite in across the most important IOT use cases in the market today.

We built an entirely custom experience that allowed engineers and business buyers to enter into the "Virtual Showroom", identify common uses for Silicon Labs products and request technical information on each product that fit the technical need.

Behind the scenes, we built custom analytics and tracking data that identified which products were trending, what parts of the virtual showroom were being viewed and interacted with the most and most importantly, which prospects were downloading information on Silicon Labs Products.