Symphony built a secure chat and collaboration platform designed primarily for the financial industry. Symphony engaged Mighty & True to help them re-launch their web infrastructure and a fresh new brand before “Innovate,” their annual conference.

The playbook

With a solid brand in place, Symphony needed a way to re-introduce themselves to the market. We wrote, designed and produced a manifesto video for them that not only succinctly explains their product and history, but conveys their unique spirit to the world.

The themes of trust, innovation, and connection were everpresent throughout our work with Symphony. These ideas manifested in typefaces, graphical elements and other “ownable” elements in our initial brand exploration, and inspired the visual elements throughout the final Symphony site that we developed.

The outcome

Along with the Appgate team, we were able to launch the new brand with a set of hard-hitting ads, several content assets, videos and a complimentary set of event promotion creative snaps that were used at their largest global event sponsorship, RSA in San Francisco

We also helped the Appgate team create a repeatable campaign launch process that was used to quickly create new assets and campaigns across quarters, allowing them to keep fresh assets in market consistently

Appgate navigated an ownership change and a successful IPO and we like to think we helped them get a bit more equity out of their stellar brand in the process.