Tesla Event Promotion

Elon Musk isn’t known for making small moves. So when we heard he was throwing a party to celebrate the opening of the Giga Texas plant in Austin, we knew it would be a spectacle. And when we got the call to help create the show it gave us a chance to try out some of our newest tech toys.

The playbook

When we were first introduced to the idea of adding a creative content play to the CyberRodeo party, we knew we wanted to bring something crazy fun and interactive to the table. And we only had two weeks to deliver!

Given the crazy timeline, our team threw out the idea of a dance-themed video installation. Step one was to create an interactive video experience that fans could participate in and then download for their own video for social sharing. Step two was to bring the dancing TeslaBot to life.

The Mighty & True production team (along with a fantastic group of partners and artists) immediately went to work delivering an experience that would amaze the Tesla audience and steal the CyberRodeo show.

The outcome

The event was both a huge success and also a great time. Our content included a custom motion capture video, a social sharing landing page and a series of emails to attendees that interacted with our content.

This was one of the most inventive technology content plays we've ever seen and we were glad to be a small part in it. Over 15,000 people attended the event with the majority passing by and interacting directly with our content!

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