Unisys Global ABM Play

Unisys planned to launch an account-based play highlighting its data security solutions built for financial organizations. The initial campaign targeted three specific banks in Latin America. We helped Unisys up-level creative to be more impactful and tailored to the audience while developing a cohesive, creative roadmap for future campaigns.

The playbook

Unisys needed to scale their account-based marketing effort globally and had limited staff or processes to accommodate such a hefty task. We got the call from Unisys to help them define an ABM process that would scale across all their global regions. We started in South America as a prototype for the other regions across the globe.

As part of our Action Planning process, we interviewed the Unisys global team in order to understand the challenges these potential customers face. Identity and document fraud was a common concern, so we employed fake mustaches and documents to connect the campaign to that idea.

We also tailored the copy and imagery to each institution’s country and unique market challenge.

The outcome

Along with the Unisys team, we were able to design a global account-based marketing playbook that started in South America and then eventually scaled to Europe and beyond.

While we started with targeted ads and print campaigns, we also began running high-impact direct mail plays that were fully-documented and "ordered" by each region as needed.

This playbook approach helped Unisys to build a repeatable and hassle-free ABM process across multiple regions.