How it Works

Scale your marketing  campaigns in 4 steps 🙌

Our innovative subscription-based agency model can help you scale marketing campaigns effortlessly. Boost your ability to quickly launch high-impact campaigns and generate more leads, at a cost comparable to hiring just one additional employee.

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Choose a plan based on your marketing needs

Begin by selecting a MaaS plan that aligns with your business goals. Our plans are flexible but also customizable, ensuring they fit your specific needs to scale marketing campaigns. Plans start at $9,500 per month and scale up as needed. Whether you're a growing startup or a large enterprise, we have the right plan for you.

Scale your marketing needs over time

Our MaaS plans are designed to fit businesses of all sizes, ensuring a perfect match for your specific marketing needs and goals.

Get onboarded and get results fast

Start your marketing transformation with ease. Our streamlined sign-up process quickly sets you on the path to success with expert support.


Select your tech marketing play

Once you're signed up, it's time to select and fine-tune your tech marketing plays. Choose from pre-built plays, build them yourself, or collaborate with our team of playbook experts to tailor your playbook to meet your marketing needs. Our process enables you to plan and execute marketing campaigns faster and more efficiently than ever.

Plan marketing campaigns faster than ever

Work closely with our experts to develop marketing plays that truly reflect your near-term initiatives and long-term goals.

Launch more than one initiative at a time

Our play span most technology marketing use cases from product launches to content creation. Get in market faster with our pre-built plays.


Add assets to your play

With your plays in place, start adding assets (we call them snaps). This flexible system allows you to incorporate a variety of assets – from ads, emails and landing pages to engaging content formats. Our playbook assets are designed to scale with your needs, ensuring your campaigns are always fresh, relevant, and effective.

Test new formats from our asset library

Incorporate a variety of assets through our flexible playbook blocks, building campaigns that capture attention and deliver your message.

Keep adding assets and formats as needed

Our playbook blocks adapt to your changing needs, ensuring your marketing campaigns remain relevant and effective.


Prioritize your campaign queue

In the dynamic world of marketing, priorities can shift quickly. Our MaaS model is built to adapt, allowing you to easily prioritize and reorganize plays as your plans and business priorities change. ...ensuring your marketing efforts are always aligned with your current objectives.

Change your priorities on the fly

Stay agile and responsive in the fast-paced marketing world with our model that allows quick adjustments to your marketing strategies.

Better align with your urgent business needs

Easily align your marketing efforts with evolving business objectives, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in all your campaigns.

Strategic planning included in every play

Unstick you campaign planning process

Double your planning and marketing management capacity using our recommended playbooks, all which include a strategic planning process we call "action planning". Get more high-performance campaigns planned using our expert tech marketing resources.

Increase your marketing skillset over night

Once you sign up (and depending on the type of play required), we'll designate a professional team of tech marketing strategists, designers, copywriters, motion designers, project managers and customer success personnel to manage your play from beginning to end.

Add critical skillset to your team

Your Mighty & True team will fill in the gaps where you need help or want to add new capabilities.

Improve your campaign process

Our team is trained on our streamlined playbook process and can improve your current workflow.

"The Mighty & True team makes running high-performance technology marketing a breeze. They're not just a service; they're a vital part of our marketing success story."
"The Mighty & True team literally doubled our marketing campaign capacity overnight. They are an extension of our internal marketing team that brings expert skills to the table."
"We've been able to test new digital formats and improve our time to market significantly using the M&T playbooks. They are a game changer for us."


Everything we do is meant to make it easier on you. If it’s not easy, we’re not doing our job.

How long does your process usually take?

We've built a process that streamlines the process of getting high-performance marketing campaigns out the door faster and with less hassle than traditional methods. Most tech campaign projects start with a base play that takes anywhere from 3-5 weeks to launch. After that, we start adding creative snaps like animation, direct mail, or other common high-tech marketing assets and content that can be launched in as little as 2-3 weeks.

What is included in a play?

Play are fully-developed marketing campaigns and assets that get you in marketing fast. Most plays include everything you need to get a campaign created including briefing, a high-level campaign plan, creative strategy and all the production-ready assets you need to get in market. Our customers find that augmenting their own marketing teams with Mighty & True personnel allows them to literally double their marketing capacity overnight.  

Does your process apply to all types of projects?

It sure does. We use the same launch process for all our tech campaign plays. Though the strategies may vary, we find it extremely helpful for our team and customers to lock into a way of working that is comfortable and understood by everyone working together. Our design process includes a short intake and a no-risk action planning phase, then following phases that include concept selection, 2 calibration phases and then final production.  Easy peasy.

Do I have to pay for the FlowOS dashboard?

No. The FlowOS dashboard is there for both our teams to use. We built it (and continue to improve it) to help our customers and teams make super high-performance tech marketing easier to pull off. It's really a benefit for both of us and we would never charge customers for it. It's part of our ongoing service. Plus, FlowOS will be live for the life of your programs, so you'll have access to all your assets forever! 

What do you deliver at the end of each project?

When we reach the end of our projects, we deliver all the deliverables agreed upon during the action planning process including all final image files and copy documents, along with all source files from the project including final images, icons, photos, video files and all AI, PSD, Figma, HTML, files. We aren't stingy. We encourage our clients to use our source files to build more great tech marketing themselves.

How do you onboard customers on to your M&T systems?

Onboarding to the Mighty & True process is easy. Just fill out a "start a project" form and you'll receive an automated calendar scheduling link to begin discussing your project. For new clients, we have a 2 week onboarding period where we structure a series of Loom videos and video calls to get to know your brand and team. We also allow you to upload brand files and other training elements from your team into the FlowOS dashboard for easy access and reading for our team.

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