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4 AI Use Cases Shaping Marketing and Design in 2024

Kevin Kerner
February 6, 2024
7 minutes

AI Trends We are Using for Marketing and Design Work

Obviously this past year has been quite the game-changer thanks to the advent and fast adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) among many of our teams. And if your marketing team is like ours... you're not just experimenting with AI; you're fully embracing its capabilities to redefine creativity, efficiency, and engagement.

As we venture into 2024, certain AI use cases are gaining early traction among our customers and promising to lead the charge in transforming marketing workflows. Among the many use cases, we see four primary types of AI showing the most early promise for our marketing and design efforts. They include illustrations, social media, digital ads, and visual identity. This exploration delves into where our design and marketing teams are spending most of their time. It's a summary of how they think AI is revolutionizing each category, why it's a game changer, and offers a primer on getting started. Let's get started!


The standard realm of marketing, digital, and web illustrations is witnessing a renaissance with AI. Traditional methods, while effective, are time-consuming and often bottlenecked by human limitations.

Adobe Firefly

AI-powered tools are breaking these barriers, offering limitless creativity at a fraction of the time. Using algorithms and machine learning, these tools can generate unique, brand-aligned illustrations that captivate and engage audiences. The game changer? Speed, scalability, personalization, and the ability to create idea starters that would have traditionally taken days. Marketers can now produce illustrations tailored to specific campaigns, demographics, or individual preferences, all while maintaining a high standard of creativity and originality.

Getting started with AI in illustrations involves selecting the right tool that aligns with your brand's aesthetic and marketing goals. If you are beginning, we recommend experimenting with platforms like DALL-E or Adobe Sensei, which both offer robust AI illustration capabilities.

Social Media

Social media, the battleground for business buyer's attention, is being transformed by AI. AI is making social media marketing more dynamic and data-driven, from content creation to campaign optimization. AI tools can quickly analyze trends, predict user behavior, and tailor content that resonates with the target audience. This enhances engagement and optimizes ad spend, ensuring that marketing dollars are used efficiently. Introducing AI in social media has democratized creativity, enabling smaller teams to compete on a level playing field with larger organizations.

When thinking about integrating AI into your social media strategy, start first with the main legacy tools that offer content analysis, automated posting, and performance tracking. Platforms like Buffer or Hootsuite are quickly incorporating AI to help marketers optimize their social media presence, making them even more valuable than their previous legacy and scheduling tools.

For social media design assistance, Canva now offers AI integrated into their design platform, allowing marketers to craft AI easily into their social media designs. Canva's integration with Buffer and other tools integrates social strategy, scheduling, and design in one combined motion.

Canva AI

Digital Ads

Digital advertising is another area where we've seen AI making a significant impact. The ability to personalize ads at scale, predict the performance of different creatives, and optimize campaigns in real time is changing the game. AI algorithms analyze user data to serve ads that are more likely to convert, improving the ROI of digital ad campaigns. This precision targeting and optimization mean that brands can achieve better results with lower budgets.

Google Generative Ad Platform

Native AI tools like and other platforms are creating entirely AI-centric media placement and optimization platforms that are, in some ways, displacing some of the older plays in the space.

Adopting AI in your traditional platforms for digital advertising starts with leveraging the AI-driven analytics and optimization features of Google Ads and Facebook. These advertising platforms are at the forefront, utilizing AI to help marketers create more effective campaigns.

Visual Identity

A brand's visual identity is crucial in making a lasting impression on consumers. AI is pivotal in evolving visual identities to be more adaptive and personalized.


By analyzing brand assets, customer interactions, and market trends, AI can suggest adjustments to a brand's visual elements, ensuring they remain relevant and appealing to the target audience. This adaptability is crucial in a fast-paced digital world where consumer preferences can shift rapidly.

To incorporate AI into your visual identity projects, explore tools that analyze brand consistency across digital platforms. Look into services that offer AI-powered logo design, color scheme optimization, and brand guideline generation. Many of the smaller players like Looka,, and others are attempting to be the de facto options for brand elements. Additionally, using Adobe Firefly and Dall-E can be vitally helpful in creating new brand elements or even just getting inspiration from AI, which can become a more traditional brand effort.

Top 5 AI Tools for Marketing Innovators

Looking to use AI in marketing strategies for your company? Here are some great tools to start experimenting with now.

DALL-E: Specializes in generating highly creative and customizable images from textual descriptions, showcasing remarkable versatility in visual content creation.

Midjourney: An independent research lab's AI tool that excels in creating vivid, conceptual artworks and visualizations based on user prompts, ideal for exploratory and artistic projects.

Dalle-E Prompt: 16:9 image of a cat painting a cat painting a cat in 16th century France. Highly-detailed.

Runway: Offers a suite of creative tools powered by AI, enabling video editing, image generation, and more, focusing on ease of use for creators and designers.

Recraft: The premier AI-powered vector design tool enables users to generate and modify digital illustrations, vector artwork, icons, and 3D graphics while maintaining a consistent brand style.

Recraft Prompt: dark, threatening storm clouds with thunder, lightning and hurricane  winds approaching a shipping and receiving warehouse.

Adobe Firefly: Adobe's AI-powered tool is designed for creative asset generation, including images and design elements, tailored for easy integration into professional workflows.

Firefly Prompt: Paper food truck in a dirty new york city street. Colorful and bright. 16:9

DreamStudio: Powered by Stable Diffusion, it excels in generating high-quality images from textual descriptions, offering a user-friendly platform for creative visual content.

Canva: Simplifies graphic design with a drag-and-drop interface and numerous templates, enhanced by AI for design suggestions, content generation, and image editing.

Krea: Aims to automate content creation with AI, focusing on generating marketing copy, social media posts, and other content types efficiently.

Krea Prompt: Supply chain warehouse with workers in low light dramatic scene. Batman returns.

Kittl: Offers innovative design tools that leverage AI, including an AI image vectorizer feature, to empower users to create professional-quality designs and illustrations easily.

Beginning to uses Innovative AI Marketing Tools

Integrating AI in marketing is not just a trend for us at Mighty & True (and our customers); it's a fundamental shift in how brands engage with technology buyers.

As we look to the future, the early adoption and innovative application of AI in illustrations, social media, digital ads, and visual identity will set the pace for the industry. These technologies offer unprecedented opportunities to enhance creativity, efficiency, and personalization, promising to redefine the marketing landscape, and we're excited to be at the beginning of this crazy ride.

At Mighty & True, we understand the transformative power of AI in marketing. We're committed to helping brands navigate this new frontier, developing AI-focused design strategies that drive engagement, conversion, and growth. If you're ready to explore the potential of AI in your marketing efforts, contact us. Let's build the future of marketing together.

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