Building a Killer Tech Marketing Team in 2024: The Top Digital Marketing Roles You Need to Know

Kevin Kerner
January 2, 2024
10 minutes

The Challenge of Scaling Marketing Teams in the Tech Industry

In the ridiculously fast-paced world of technology marketing, scaling a marketing team presents unique challenges. Tech marketing leaders often grapple with rapidly changing market dynamics, the need for specialized skills, and the pressure to stay ahead of digital trends. Balancing the team's expansion with maintaining quality and consistency in marketing efforts is daunting, especially in the new world of extreme automation and AI.

According to Harvard Business Review, one of the primary challenges is aligning the team's skills with evolving technological advancements and market needs. As McKinsey & Company reports, finding the right talent to adapt to new tools and strategies is a significant hurdle. These challenges underscore the importance of strategically selecting digital marketing roles that fill current gaps and anticipate future trends and requirements.

The Strategic Architect: Digital Marketing Manager

  • Professional Skills: Strategic planning, leadership, data analysis, budget management.
  • Personal Characteristics: Visionary, decisive, adaptable, strong communicator.

The Digital Marketing Manager is the strategic architect of your team. This pivotal digital marketing position involves crafting and overseeing the overall marketing strategy. According to recent research, digital marketing is one of the most in-demand skills in the world. They are responsible for aligning digital marketing tasks with business goals, ensuring that every digital marketing job role contributes to the broader vision.

The Creative Force: Content Marketing Specialist

  • Professional Skills: Content creation, SEO knowledge, social media expertise, copywriting.
  • Personal Characteristics: Creative, detail-oriented, innovative, and collaborative. Content is king in the digital realm.

The Content Marketing Specialist is critical in creating compelling content that resonates with the audience. As the Content Marketing Institute highlighted, effective content marketing can generate three times as many leads as traditional marketing. This role is central to executing various digital marketing tasks, from blog posts to video content, shaping your brand's voice.

The Data Wizard: SEO and Analytics Expert

  • Professional Skills: SEO strategies, data analytics, keyword research, web traffic analysis.
  • Personal Characteristics: Analytical, organized, curious, results-driven.

SEO and Analytics Experts are the data wizards of digital marketing and are now supercharged in the age of AI. They optimize digital marketing positions to ensure maximum visibility and effectiveness. Search Engine Journal reports that 70% of marketers see SEO as more effective than PPC. Their role involves analyzing data trends and adjusting strategies for better performance, making them a cornerstone in digital marketing roles and responsibilities. With AI, they will only be more critical as Hubspot reports that 37% of marketers use AI for SEO tasks like extended tail keyword mapping and SERP comparisons.

The AI Innovator: AI Copywriter and Generative Designer

  • Professional Skills: AI tool proficiency, content generation, and design software expertise.
  • Personal Characteristics: Tech-savvy, innovative, adaptable, creative thinker.

The integration of AI in digital marketing has led to the emergence of roles like AI Copywriters and Generative Designers. These professionals harness AI tools to create innovative and engaging content, from automated copywriting to AI-driven design elements. Their contribution is pivotal in enhancing creativity and efficiency in digital marketing tasks. There will be more advances in AI for design and copy in 2024, and the trend will undoubtedly accelerate change in these roles.

The Tech Innovator: Marketing Technology Specialist

  • Professional Skills: Martech tool mastery, system integration, data management.
  • Personal Characteristics: Tech-savvy, problem-solver, innovative, detail-oriented.

The Marketing Technology Specialist is the tech innovator of the team. They are responsible for integrating and managing new digital marketing tools and platforms, including AI-driven analytics and research tools. Gartner states that martech represents over 26% of marketing budgets. That investment is the reason to get this and other marketing roles in top shape for the next few years. This digital marketing technology position is vital to keeping your team ahead of technological advancements and ensuring seamless execution of marketing strategies.

The Engagement Maestro: Social Media Manager

  • Professional Skills: Social media strategy, community management, content curation, analytics.
  • Personal Characteristics: Engaging, creative, empathetic, trend-savvy.

Social Media Managers are at the forefront of customer engagement. They handle crucial digital marketing tasks like managing social media platforms, engaging with the audience, and building community. According to Sprout Social, brands that actively engage on social media enjoy higher customer loyalty. This digital marketing role is essential for maintaining an active and positive online presence.

The Customer Advocate: Email Marketing Specialist

  • Professional Skills: Email campaign management, copywriting, data analysis, A/B testing.
  • Personal Characteristics: Detail-oriented, analytical, persuasive, and organized. Email Marketing Specialists are the customer advocates in digital marketing. They manage direct communication with customers through email campaigns. HubSpot reveals that email marketing generates $38 for every $1 spent, making it one of the most effective marketing channels. Their role in digital marketing tasks is crucial for nurturing leads and retaining customers.

The Brand Storyteller: Visual Designer and Videographer

  • Professional Skills: Graphic design, video production, storytelling, brand development.
  • Personal Characteristics: Creative, visual thinker, innovative, detail-oriented.

Visual Designers and Videographers are the storytellers of your brand. They bring your brand's story to life through compelling visuals and videos. Adobe reports that video content can increase purchase intent by 97%. This digital marketing role is vital for creating engaging and memorable content that stands out in the digital space.

The Growth Hacker: PPC and Paid Media Specialist

  • Professional Skills: PPC campaign management, budgeting, analytics, and ad platform expertise.
  • Personal Characteristics: Analytical, strategic, results-focused, adaptable.

PPC and Paid Media Specialists are the growth hackers. They specialize in driving targeted traffic through paid advertising. WordStream notes that PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase than organic visitors. This digital marketing role is essential for scaling your online presence and achieving quick, measurable results.

The Community Builder: Influencer and Affiliate Marketing Coordinator

  • Professional Skills: Influencer outreach, affiliate program management, relationship building.
  • Personal Characteristics: Personable, persuasive, network-savvy, strategic.

Influencers and affiliate marketing coordinators are the community builders. They leverage influencer networks to expand your brand's reach. Influencer Marketing Hub states that influencer marketing yields a $5.78 ROI for every dollar spent. This role in digital marketing is crucial for tapping into new audiences and building trust through association.


Building a high-performance digital marketing team in 2024 requires a blend of strategic, creative, analytical, and technical roles, including the innovative use of AI. By integrating these critical digital marketing positions, your tech marketing team can stay ahead of the curve, driving growth and innovation. As the digital landscape evolves, these roles will be instrumental in adapting to new challenges and seizing opportunities in the tech marketing world.

Mighty & True: Your Partner in Scaling Tech Marketing Efforts

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