Our Free Notion Design Proofing Template

Lex Colter
January 9, 2024
3 minutes

Our Design Proofing Roundup

We've all been there. One untimely error in the design world and it can be all over. Having the right proofing tools and resources at your fingertips is crucial to making your design process fast and easy. Whether you're a seasoned designer or leading a creative team, We've compiled some of the tools we use in our workflow below to give you resources that come in handy... along with a free Notion template of our Design Proofing Checklist. Let's get to our list of most valuable proofing resources. 

The Grammar Guardians: Enhancing Design Accuracy

Ensuring textual precision is just as important for designers as the visual elements. Embrace these grammar-checking tools for your design accuracy needs:

  • Grammarly: An indispensable tool for checking spelling and style, crucial for any digital design proofing technique. Check out Grammarly
  • Hemingway Editor: This tool ensures clarity and boldness in your project's textual content. Explore Hemingway Editor
  • ProWritingAid: Offers comprehensive reports, a must-have for proofing solutions in creative teams. Try ProWritingAid

Collaboration Champions: Streamlined Design Approval Process

Effective collaborative proofing software is vital in modern design project proofing. These tools facilitate seamless review and approval processes:

  • Ziflow: Ideal for automating and managing the proofing and approval process for design, enhancing team collaboration. Discover Ziflow
  • PageProof: A comprehensive platform for secure and streamlined design project proofing. Get started with PageProof.

Project Maestros: Efficient Proofing in Design Projects

Project management in design is a complex task. These tools are tailored for project tracking for design teams and creative workflow management:

  • Trello: An intuitive tool for visualizing and managing design tasks and resources. Explore Trello
  • Asana: Excellent for managing larger design projects, ensuring every aspect of the project is on track. Check out Asana
  • Monday.com: Customize and align your design project management workflows. Try Monday.com

Additional Aces: Other Essential Tools

Remember these additional tools to give you an edge in your proofing process.

Our Free Notion Design Proofing Checklist

With these proofing resources for designers, you're well-equipped to handle any project confidently. Remember, the right tools enhance efficiency and ensure the highest standards of quality in every design project. And to help you get those design proofs out the door fast, here is our free proofing Notion template. Just duplicate and go to town.

🌟 Grab Your Free Notion Proofing Checklist Template Here! 🌟

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