Play of the Week: Creating loyalty and goodwill with a B2B holiday playbook

Kevin Kerner
November 7, 2023
5 minutes

Play Overview

Navigate the festive season with our B2B Holiday Campaign Playbook, designed to align with the celebratory end-of-year period. It's a strategic guide to deepen client relationships and enhance brand sentiment through targeted holiday marketing initiatives.

Key Components

  • Themed Promotions: Announce your holiday specials with a festive marketing blitz across emails, social platforms, and your website.
  • Personalized Appreciation: Send out holiday discounts and personalized cards to thank clients for their loyalty.
  • Engagement & Gratitude: Host virtual events to connect with clients, offering valuable insights and a platform for interaction.
  • Social Responsibility: Partner with charities to demonstrate your brand's commitment to giving back during the holiday season.
  • Festive Content: Share holiday-themed blogs and visuals that reflect industry insights and foster a sense of community.

Measuring Success

Track the campaign's effectiveness through engagement metrics and customer feedback, using these insights to refine future marketing strategies.

For a detailed roadmap of this holiday strategy, access the full playbook in the PDF.

Ready to spread some holiday cheer with your marketing? Let's discuss how to tailor this Play of the Week to your brand's unique voice and goals. Contact us to get started on a campaign that not only celebrates the season but also solidifies your client relationships. If you're ready to get an action plan rolling, hit us up!

Play of the Week: B2B Holiday Campaign Playbook

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