What makes a B2B (playbook) strategist shine: 5 must-have traits

Kevin Kerner
July 26, 2023
10 minutes

Developing strong marketing strategies can be one of the big bottleneck for tech marketers. Informal discussions with our customers certainly show that a significant portion suffer from an internal strategic planning process that is either too slow, understaffed and/or doesn't have any repeatable structure to help them scale. Without an airtight and speedy strategic process, marketing efforts can slow to a crawl, creative campaigns never get out the door, and revenue growth can stall. That's why it's so important to fix the "strategy bottleneck" at the source.

In the ever-evolving world of B2B marketing, finding a great strategist that can build systems to scale is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. The demand for such talent is high, and for good reason. A great B2B strategist not only crafts compelling strategies but also helps companies develop ways to get more campaigns out the door. At Mighty & True, we've had the privilege of working with some of the best in the business, and we've identified a few key traits that set them apart. Here's the attributes we look for when searching for what we call a "Playbook Strategist".

Creativity rooted in business objectives

A brilliant creative mind alone does not make a strong B2B strategist. The best strategists unleash their creativity strictly within the guardrails of a client's business goals. They become fluent in the objectives and KPIs, allowing them to devise strategies that move the needle. Their ideas are insightful yet practical, innovative yet achievable.

Trend spotting and market savvy

Great B2B strategists have their fingers on the pulse of the latest marketing tactics and technologies. They rapidly synthesize industry trends and competitive dynamics into opportunities and strategies for clients. Their knowledge helps them identify methods to differentiate and stand out in crowded markets.

Adaptable yet consistent

Incredible strategists craft campaigns with a methodology that provides consistency and compliance with brand values. Yet within that framework, they remain nimble, quickly adapting strategies to ever-changing market conditions. They balance adherence to proven tactics with flexibility to optimize based on results.

Valuable advisor and trusted partner  

The best B2B strategists elevate themselves beyond an order taker to become a trusted advisor. They forge relationships where clients view them as an extension of their own team. Strategists provide recommendations tailored to the client's needs versus a one-size-fits-all playbook.

Focus on scalability and growth

Truly gifted strategists design programs with scalability in mind from the outset. They equip clients with strategies to acquire customers efficiently and expand market share. With scale top of mind, they avoid resource-heavy tactics that don't move the needle.

Why we hire "Playbook Strategists"

One of the unique traits of our M&T Playbook Strategist role is their ability to not only design and manage plays but also to build processes around these plays to help them scale. This trait is a blend of strategic thinking, operational efficiency, and a deep understanding of scalability.

AT M&T, our playbook strategists understand that a well-designed play is only as good as its execution. They know that for a play to be successful, it needs to be implemented effectively and consistently. This is where process design comes in. They create clear, efficient processes that guide the execution of each play, ensuring that every team member knows their role and responsibilities.

But a great playbook strategist doesn't stop at process design. They also manage these processes, monitoring their effectiveness and making adjustments as needed. They understand that processes are not set in stone but need to evolve as the company grows and the market changes.

Perhaps most importantly, a great playbook strategist focuses on scalability.

They design and manage processes with growth in mind, ensuring that the processes can accommodate an increasing volume of work without sacrificing quality or efficiency. They actively seek ways to automate and streamline tasks, reducing manual effort and increasing productivity.

This ability to design, manage, and scale processes is what makes a great playbook strategist invaluable. They don't just create strategies; they build the infrastructure that allows these strategies to thrive. At Mighty & True, we've seen firsthand how this unique trait can drive business growth and customer satisfaction.

If you want to learn more about what we look for in a "Playbook Strategist" position, access and make a copy of our M&T Playbook Strategist Position Agreement template. This document will outline the fundamental expectations and responsibilities we look for in this role. If you want to see how we build plays that scale and can help you do it to, hit us up

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