The tech campaign playbook: Scale your campaign output

We get it, creating targeted technology campaigns can be a lot of work. But fear not, we've designed our technology campaign products to be a hassle-free way to double your campaign production and get more plans out the door.

Get tech campaigns out the door faster with our starter plays

Faster tech campaign deployment with starter plays

Our tech campaign plays are like the greatest hits of tech marketing. We combine our expertise in B2B tech marketing services with creative snaps to provide campaigns that don't start from scratch but are built on a foundation of proven success.

Processes that are optimized for technology marketing

Like our playbook methodology, we've created a technology marketing design process that can be used virtually across any type of play, tech marketing campaign element or asset. So you'll be completely comfortable and in-charge of the process every time.

A team that knows how to design at any scale

You could say the M&T team work with are tech-industry-focused, systems-design pros. Our entire company philosophy is to make tech marketing strategy and creative easier by implementing easy-to-use systems that can help you scale.

Tech campaign play

Social Lead Generation

Boost your online presence and drive conversions with our social lead gen bundle, a key part of our tech business marketing plans. This play is ideal for leveraging social channels for increased lead flow and includes social design concepts, media ad units, and more.

This play includes

Social design concepts
Social media ad units
Campaign landing page
Email assets

Animated ad units
Offer content design
HTML development

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Tech campaign play

Buyer’s Journey Campaign

Tailor your marketing to different stages of the buyer's journey with our comprehensive package. This play is a part of our innovative marketing solutions for tech, perfect for addressing specific stages that need enhancement.

This play includes

Buyer journey stage concept
Campaign concept
Segmented ad units
Offer landing pages
Email assets

Animated content and ad units
Offer content design
HTML development
Explainer videos

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Tech campaign play

Event Marketing Promotion

Promote your physical or digital events effectively with our event marketing bundle. This play is an integral part of our tech-focused marketing and design, ensuring premium attendance at your important events.

This play includes

Event campaign concept
Event social media ad units
Promotional landing page design
Email assets

Event hype video (pre or post)
Animated ad units
Direct mail promotion

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Good vibes (plus these extras) included in every project

Our proven M&T design process

All tech marketing projects are runs through our proven, hassle-free design process… no matter the type or format.

Strategy and action planning

We don’t start any tech marketing campaign without a plan. During action planning, our team will lock down the perfect strategy for success.

Multiple design concepts

All tech campaigns come with multiple design concepts that are tailored to your needs and ready to comment, review and move into calibration.

Unlimited rounds of calibration

Every tech campaign runs through unlimited rounds of calibration to ensure that we have just the right designs before final production.

Every single project source file

We provide your team with all the creative source files we used to create all assets, allowing you to  create more if you like!

Our Flow.OS dashboard

Every tech campaign is managed through our FlowOS dashboard, your operating system for your M&T relationship..

Rock-star customer success team

You’ll be assigned a customer success manager from the M&T team that is fully trained to exceed expectations.


We back all our technology marketing campaigns with a guaranty of success and continually monitor your satisfaction at every stage.

Creative Snaps

Add these snaps to any tech campaign play

Creative snaps are campaign assets that can be added to any base play. Snaps build on a core campaign idea and help to create targeted tech marketing that can scale over time.

Snap-on animated social ads

Once your base campaign is running, add some animated ad units to increase engagement and conversion

Snap-on fully-designed emails

Create an email series that leverages the base campaign core concept using an email snap

Snap-on an animated video

Enhance your campaign performance with an animated video that supports your main campaign theme.

Snap-on success

Creative snaps are an easy way to add additional high-performance elements to any M&T-based play.

Like these tech pros, we can make tech campaigns easier for you too

We’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the greatest technology brands in the world, as well as some that are on their way there. We did it for them. We can do the same for you.


Everything we do is meant to make it easier on you. If it’s not easy, we’re not doing our job.

How long does it take to launch a brand new campaign?

We've built a technology marketing process that streamlines the process of getting high-performance technology and SaaS marketing campaigns out the door faster and with less hassle than traditional methods. Most tech campaign projects start with a base play that takes anywhere from 3-5 weeks to launch. After that, we start adding creative snaps like animation, direct mail or other common high-tech marketing assets and content that can be launched in as little as 2-3 weeks.

How easy is it to customize or add to a play?

Super easy. In addition to our base technology marketing plays, we've created a streamlined campaign process to create the most common tech campaign "add-ons" to your projects. We call them "creative snaps". Using these handy elements, our customers simply "snap-on" a creative snap to an existing play to extend tech campaign projects and concepts across multiple format and channels. It's a great way to get a solid concept locked and then build upon your effort by easily adding additional high-performance elements.

Do you have project minimums?

Our customers range from funded startups to mid-size and enterprise technology companies. Our tech campaign budgets align with the size of the effort typically starting at $10,000 for base plays and a fraction of that cost to add additional creative snaps. We find that it simpler for our customers to start with a base concept and play, and then start building upon a foundation that can help programs reasonably scale. The best way to find out how much it would cost to get a program launched is to schedule a call or hit the start a project button!

What do you need from us to get a tech campaign project started?

We've automated the intake process for our clients to include an entirely online process for getting projects started. To get going on any new project, our customers simply input a new project form, schedule a meeting through our automated scheduling system, and then attend a 30-minute briefing call. Once that happens, our team goes to work on action planning and a quick inventory and scope of work. Once the action plan and scope are agreed to, we start our concept phase and things are off and running.

What happens if I don’t like a concept or deliverable?

We always want our customers to love the work we do for them. We won't stop working until we get it right. That's a promise. If you don't love the work we do for you, you won't pay for it.

Still have questions?

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