Writer’s block is not an affliction exclusive to novelists and poets. Even the most brilliant, talented content marketers suffer from a lack of inspiration from time to time. After all, marketing content creation requires daily brain strain on content strategists and copywriters. When we get stuck on content ideation here at Mighty & True, we resort to three tried-and-true options:

  1. Reach for the whiskey
  2. Consult the Mighty & True Content Title Cheat Sheet
  3. Consult the Mighty & True Content Title Cheat Sheet with a glass of whiskey

Align Content to Goals with the Right Content Titles

We developed our free cheat sheet over the last few years. It’s a simple way to brainstorm new content ideas by starting with catchy titles and then assigning a purpose and plan for execution. While you can snag the full M&T cheat sheet here, we’ve got the skinny on what’s included below.

Title Structures Cheat Sheet

The core of the cheat sheet includes a list of title variations to use for topic brainstorming. We categorized each title option by type in order to create variety. For example, let’s say you’re in the miniature horse business, a noble and adorable endeavor. You might want to write something that is focused on a big category risk or one tailored to the community.

  • Big Risk Option: Why Everything You Currently Know About Miniature Horse Breeding is Wrong
  • Community Option: 5 Incredible and Free Resources for Cleaning Your Mini Horse’s Teeth

These are two completely different approaches and topics created using title templates. Other approaches include contrast, priorities, truth and vision. These title templates and categories allow you to develop catchy titles with a  point-of-view.

Trending Topics

You can use the “Trending Topics” tab to list out all your current and planned content titles and apply attributes to each. Organizing your titles will help you identify content gaps and opportunities. The Mighty & True team uses the following categories during planning:

  • Content Category – This is a way to segment content based on the overall direction and includes:
    • Is it educational?
    • Does it help to form a community?
    • Does it exist to build trust?
    • Is it focused on driving sales leads/conversion?
    • You may have other ways to categorize your marketing content and if so, go for it!
  • Funnel Stage – At what stage in the funnel is the content focused – early, middle or late/post sales?
  • Content Keywords – Always take into account the keywords needed to drive the optimal SEO.
  • Theme – Assess how much content is within a  specific theme, for instance, cost savings or competitors.
  • Format – Include the content format(s) – video, blog post, long-form content, etc.
  • Links – Include any links that exist around a current piece of content or include source links for inspiration and research.

There you have it content marketers! Download the free content title cheat sheet here, and have fun brainstorming strategic content possibilities with your team.

Still have writer woes or content concerns?

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