Is your brand ready for blockchain yet?

October 29, 2020

Blockchain marketing is an industry that is still currently in its infancy. It enables the direct communication and relationship between the product producer and the consumer. It disrupts the current structure which includes many different go-betweens and agencies which represent companies to spread their message. In the future, the blockchain will enable companies to make direct outreach by merely buying tokens access marketing features. Here's just a few of the blockchain trends you'll need to be ready for:


The ad industry uses many different platforms and software systems to build the content that we all see. The infrastructure and expertise are costly for individual companies to build out and as a result, an array of third-party agencies do the work.

A company called Papyrus is attempting to change all of that through its tokenized infrastructure. The firm allows companies to freely use their ad infrastructure in exchange for tokens that get stored on the blockchain. They have set up a cycle in which businesses receive Papyrus tokens as payment. That increases transparency, efficiency and allows them to build out more ads more quickly in the future.

As the cost to place ads decreases, firms will benefit in two ways. They will be able to produce many more ads targeted explicitly for the right audience. They will also become more profitable as their ads become more efficient and spend less on each advertisement.

Email Marketing

Another mainstay of the marketing industry is email. These are sent out in bulk by large providers using sophisticated targeting algorithms. They are tracked, sorted and aligned with CRM systems. Unwanted spam emails swamp most consumers. Now, that will change as well.

In the future, marketers will have to pay to email individuals who will accept tokens from Earn (formerly When people get paid for their time, they’re much more likely to read and respond to these emails after they receive the blockchain tokens. Now, any company will have the power to reach any consumer who wants to make money and accept these coins. However, the more valuable the consumer, the more expensive the token will be to reach them. That means no more spam. Only the appropriate amount of email will reach you.

At the same time, you don’t need to aggregate email contact info into massive marketing systems. Instead, they get segmented and tracked automatically by the coin transactions.

Market Research

The ability to research a target market and identify the exact niche that will be most profitable in the future is critical. No one person can accurately predict how a market will evolve. This has been a problem for product development teams and marketers forever.

However, that problem may finally be getting a solution using the power of crowdsourcing and the blockchain. New blockchain organizations like Gnosis and Augur are creating crowdsourced market research and prediction models. Each places a bet using a token on a particular outcome. If they are correct, the value of their token rises and they make more money. As more and more people find a specific result more likely, they will invest at elevated rates in that outcome. Companies can observe this change over time and then dedicate more resources towards the products and services that prediction markets rate as the likeliest outcome.

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