Play of the Week: Virtual Event Promotion

Kevin Kerner
July 31, 2023
5 minutes

In this week's Play of the Week, we're showcasing a powerful marketing strategy to boost attendance and engagement for your B2B virtual event.

With the rise of virtual events, driving meaningful interactions is crucial for a successful experience. Our virtual event promotion play combines various tactics to create excitement, foster anticipation, and encourage full views of your event series.

Play Overview:

Our virtual event promotion play encompasses a comprehensive approach to engage your target audience and move prospects from the awareness phase to the interest phase in your sales funnel. This strategy leverages multiple channels and tactics to ensure your event gains the attention it deserves.

Key Components:

  • Email Marketing Campaign: Personalized invitation and follow-up emails to encourage registration and remind attendees of upcoming episodes.
  • Social Media Promotion: Teaser posts, countdowns, and a live premiere to generate excitement and reach a broader audience.
  • Content Marketing: Informative blog posts and engaging infographics to educate the audience about your event and its value.
  • Engaging Influencer Partnerships: Collaborate with industry influencers to extend your event's reach and attract new attendees.

Measure of Success:

Success for this virtual event promotion play can be measured through various KPIs, including event registrations, live premiere attendance, total view count of each episode, and social media engagement metrics. Tracking website traffic and lead generation from the event can also help assess the play's effectiveness in driving interest and engagement.

To dive into the details of this powerful virtual event promotion play, download the PDF here.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to make your B2B virtual event a resounding success. Implement this Play of the Week strategy to engage your audience, create buzz, and drive full views of your event series. We have a whole lot more when it comes to tech marketing plays that make are highly effective and easy to launch! If you are interested in getting an action plan started, hit us up!

The Mighty & True Play of the Week: Virtual Event Promotion

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