Our Monthly Service Plans

Our tech marketing plans tailored to your needs. 🚀

Elevate your B2B marketing with our transparent, scalable pricing plans. Designed for technology marketing managers and CMOs, our simple, transparent service will help you grow your business.

Focused  Plan
Ideal for Establishing Tech / B2B Marketing Foundations
Includes 1 play (i.e. campaign) at a time
A 'Play' is a collection of foundational marketing assets (strategy, creative concept, copy, designs, animiations, etc.)  grouped together within a set retail value limit.
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Add plays as needed: Finish a play, then add another and another...
Expert Guidance: Designated Creative Lead and Project Manager.
Strategic Action Planning: Marketing planning to lay out clear steps for project success.
Remove your planning roadblocks by having our team do it for you. Action plans are ready-to-go campaign plans that can be used to launch plays.
Unlimited Flexibility: Unlimited review rounds and on-deck projects.
Complete Source Ownership: Receive all source files with final deliverables.
You keep the source files. That's right... AI, PSD, Figma, you name it. Keep our source and create more yourself using our files as a starting point.  
Streamlined Management: Utilize our exclusive FlowOS management system.
Professional Plan
Upgraded Team for Enhanced B2B Creative and Strategy
Includes 2 concurrent plays at a time
Prioritize which plays you want running at any one time. Need to reprioritize? No problem! Just add plays in and out of your queue as needed.
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Includes all Focused Plan features plus,
Expanded Expertise: Designated  Strategy, Design, and Copy teams.
Strategic Insights: Monthly playbook strategy meetings for deeper engagement.
Instant Connectivity: Dedicated Slack Connect Channel with your M&T team.
Enterprise plan
For High-Performance Technology Marketing Teams
Includes 3 concurrent plays at a time
Need more than 3 concurrent plays at a time? No problem. We can build custom subscription plans that fit any budget or scale requirements.
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Includes all Pro Plan features plus,
Creative Expansion: Receive added asset extension ideas / concepts with each final deliverable.
Need more scale? Custom plans are available that expand the number of plays, snaps and personnel included in your monthly plan. Contact us for a custom quote.
A 'Play' is a collection of foundational marketing assets, each grouped together within a set retail value limit. Plans do not include hard costs or video production fees.

Expand your tech marketing capacity with project blocks

Need to ramp up your marketing efforts quickly? With Mighty & True’s Playbook Blocks, you can easily tag on additional capacity to your monthly service plan.

Scale as you go

Monitor your usage and add more blocks as your funds deplete. With Mighty & True, scaling your marketing plays has never been easier or more efficient.

Add more formats

Choose from a variety of options like animation, video, sales enablement, etc. Using "Blocks", you can seamlessly add more firepower to your ongoing plays.

Add a tech marketing team with epic skills for less money 🙌

With our flexible pricing model, you control the amount of work that you run through your M&T team, all at a much lower cost than per project pricing, hiring a traditional agency or trying to staff a full strategy, design and copy team yourself.

less expensive (on average) than traditional agency per-project or retainer based agency fees.
Utilization increase in your marketing technology stack through an added volume of plays.
The FlowOS Dashboard

Manage your marketing plan using our online platform

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Harness the power of the FlowOS Dashboard, an innovative tool designed by Mighty & True. This state-of-the-art platform simplifies the oversight of your B2B digital marketing campaigns, offering a seamless, integrated experience to control all your marketing projects with precision and efficiency.

Instant Visibility on Every Campaign

Easily monitor the progress of each marketing play, ensuring timely execution and alignment with your strategic goals.

Effortless Addition of Marketing Elements

Quickly add playbook blocks or adjust your marketing strategies, adapting swiftly to the evolving needs of your business.

Our team uses the latest tech tools

To make all this work, you have to have good friends. And we do. We work with some of the best and most cutting-edge designs, no code, and automation tools to reduce the hard and make the easy, well... easier.

In working with us, you'll learn how we leverage these tools for ease and scale.

Frequently asked questions

Intrigued by this agency busting model? We hoped you would be. Here's some common questions we get along with helpful answers.

How do you define plays vs snaps?

For our monthly service, plays are any collection of concept and foundational play assets that are valued at an agreed upon maximum total price per play (for all groups of foundational assets in the play). Snaps are additional individual foundational assets or a full-list of other asset types like ebooks, infographics, videos, etc.

How long does it take to finish a play?

Integrated plays take anywhere from 1.5 - 2.5 months to complete depending on the assets included. Simple ads and animations can be completed much faster and longer form video and animation can take longer (2-2.5 months). At the start of each project, we'll work on a timeline together to get the timing just right.

What are your terms?

Our monthly service has a 6-month minimum term and is invoiced at the beginning of each month. Our project-based playbook blocks are billed in full at the beginning of each project block funding period. Projects phases can be split up to make project blocks funded more easily if needed.

What if I need to add more assets to a play?

Simply add them to your on-deck queue and we’ll get them scheduled when your active projects are completed. Or simply re-prioritize your active project to include them vs. other plays or assets.

Can I test your services first?

Yes! We offer a 90 day subscription window for new customers, if needed. Once completed, you can sign up for our monthly services for 6-month terms or more.

What’s included in your asset list?

Just about everything you’d need to get a full campaign out the door. If your core team can't handle a specific style or skill, we have a large group of talented tech marketers that can be brought on to the project as needed to add that special something to the play. Hard costs, travel and video production services are the main items that are not included in our fees.

What does designated team mean?

We will identify a core set of M&T team members to work on your projects. Though they will not be entirely dedicated, they will get to know your work very well, be trained on your core brand and available to work on your projects as they come in. We value consistency in our project teams!

Who will manage all this?

All our services include a designated creative lead and project manager to help manage the priorities, timelines and overall efforts. They’ll be in the know on all aspects of our working relationship.

What if I’m not happy with the service?

We’ll that would not be good. If you aren’t happy with your deliverables, you have an unlimited rounds of revisions or if in the rare instance this happens, we can retrain or replace team members that might be struggling.

Still have questions?

Contact us for an analysis of your current marketing volume needs and we'll get you into the perfect plan.