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Mighty & True is an innovative technology marketing agency that provides top-tier marketing talent combined with optimized systems to streamline your marketing process, optimize spending, and help you get more high-performance B2B campaigns out the door.

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High-Performance, Hassle-Free Tech Marketing

Access top-tier marketing and design talent combined with optimized systems that will streamline your marketing process, optimize spending, and get more high-performance B2B campaigns out the door.

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Discover the secrets to scaling your marketing

Our latest ebook gives you the keys to making your tech marketing scale with less hassle than ever before. Read our "Ultimate Guide to Tech Marketing".

Mighty & True Marketing as a Service

Do your marketing plans outpace your ability to execute?

We get it - the struggle is real. You're facing a mountain of innovative marketing plans, yet you're held back by limited staff, inefficient processes, and the high costs of external options. It's the classic challenge of ambition meeting reality in the fast-paced world of tech marketing.

Our customers typically have one or more of these challenges:

There are more campaigns and content planned than you can possible prepare and build.

Limited budget to add staff and your external options are expensive, slow and/or take too much time to manage.

You have big plans for testing formats, channels and innovative content but can't find the skillsets to pull it off.

Here's what you get with Mighty & True 🚀

Mighty & True tackles the challenge of campaign overload for marketing leaders by providing a highly-skilled tech marketing team and playbooks that easily turns your ideas into successful campaigns, doubling your output without doubling your costs.

A team with epic tech marketing skills

Get the help where you need it. Access a full team of skilled tech marketing strategists, designers, copywriters and devs trained to build amazing campaigns.  Get more done with less cost with our subscription-based model.

Systems that provides scale and save you time

Having built hundreds of tech campaigns, we've optimized our process and systems using the latest in no-code, AI and automation technology. Augment your team in a way that actually saves you time vs. creates more work.

More creative variations that you ever imagined

Are you ads, content or campaigns getting stale? Or maybe you're not fully repurposing your content? Let our team update and extend your marketing with fresh campaign assets and drive more ROI from your ongoing marketing campaigns.

We've worked on hundreds of high-performance tech marketing campaigns

Tech marketing campaigns

Launch twice the campaigns using our team

We create integrated campaigns, social ads, ABM programs, targeted direct mail, and other tech marketing solutions that are designed to scale your campaigns and drive performance.

Account-based marketing

Double your account-based marketing campaigns

Get more swings with your most strategic accounts by handing some of your account-based plans to our team and using our tried and true account-based marketing strategies.

Video and Animation

Add video content that moves prospects to action

Using our low-stress, high-performance production method, we can quickly add video and animation to your technology marketing and product campaigns. Let us take your video formats to new levels.

Content marketing

Create more offer content for your campaigns

Your tech marketing campaigns need anchor content. Create more offers that connect and engage with high-tech buyers, and activate your campaigns ROI.

How we help

We can help your brand scale

We bridge the gap for resource-limited solo marketers and large teams alike with our unique, easy-to-implement marketing-as-a-service solution that is efficient, scalable, and tailored to overcome resource constraints and get more marketing campaigns out the door.

Add extra strategy and creative skillsets

Expectations on marketing are increasing while your staff resources stay the same. Typical. We help add capacity to teams that may have lost people or are trying to get more done with less.

Ship more with our pre-design playbooks

There is really no reason to start from scratch anymore. We've created base plays that include the most common tech marketing tactics. That allows us to spend more time on the strategy and ideas... and launch faster.

Gain access to a new marketing toolset

Expand the channels and formats your team is using for marketing campaigns. Test more, create more versions and try new creatives quickly and efficiently with our expert marketing and design teams.

How we work

Replace your old-school agency

The traditional agency model is broken. Our easy-to-launch marketing “plays”, designed and managed through our expert staff and a unique client operating system, makes working with us simple, effective and ... and drives more return for your marketing investment (vs. the old-school ways).

FlowOS dashboard

The FlowOS dashboard is our low-stress app for knowing exactly where you stand on every project we’re working on together from start to finish.

Proven processes

We don’t want to be another problem you have to worry about. We’ve made it our mission to create processes that are easy and save you time.

How we compare

The options for tech marketing leaders are not working and only add to your challenges. Here are our takes on each and why we think Mighty & True is a unique option for your tech plays.

Traditional Agencies
  • Reliable but can be slow
  • Systems and ways of working can be outdated and manual
  • Not all agencies are truly experts in the tech industry
  • If you want flexibility, you have to pay for it in retainers
  • Difficult to scale fast
  • Can push a lot of bureaucracy on clients and make things harder for not a lot of gain

We get it. We used to work this way. But we've found our use of playbook-style services coupled with our automated systems and expert team make it much easier for our clients to launch programs faster and with more reliability.

Freelancers and Contractors
  • Requires a lot of upfront briefing and tight management
  • Can be inexpensive but unreliable
  • Take a good deal of time to source, interview and then onboard fast
  • Finding freelancers with B2B or tech industry skillsets is diffcult

While we use some contractors in our business to help us scale, we have a vetting, onboarding and training process that ensures that our entire team (full time and contract) know the tech industry, our client's brands and our playbook-style products and services. This helps us ensure consistent delivery with speed.

Internal Teams
  • Staff is already stretched thin
  • Some requests are outside the teams core skillset
  • Challenging to scale fast
  • Often a challenge to get planning done quickly

We get it. If you could do it all yourself, you would. We help strapped tech marketing teams scale their ability to produce more programs by becoming a trusted part of their team and also offering a low-hassle way to work.

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