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Zilliant is a leading provider of B2B sales and pricing solutions. That said, their brand and website didn't reflect their primary place in the market. We helped them reimagine their brand and rebuild their digital properties.


In the pricing and sales solution world, Zilliant is a premium (in a good way) provider. They take time to listen to their customers challenges, and work closely with them to develop a tailored solution. However, that dedication to service and customer success wasn't being effectively communicated through Zilliant's website or the brand as a whole. They needed a refresh.

How we tailored a solution for Zilliant

Getting the story right

Before we could do anything, we had to ensure Zilliant's brand matched who they were. That journey began with positioning and messaging exercises in which we teased out what made Zilliant special among their competitors. Those exercises yielded a new brand manifesto that could help Zilliant not only describe what they do more effectively, but who they are and what ideals they stand for.

Making it real

A solid internal position and messaging framework doesn't mean anything if you can't communicate it to the world. At this point, we had a fairly tight grasp on who Zilliant was and the ideas they wanted to communicate. We then developed a new design language for them—including typefaces, colors, iconography and more.

These visual elements would come to life in everything from content offers to trade show booths to brand videos—all of which we developed for Zilliant.

Feeling confident in the journey

Zilliant was already starting to look and sound like the company they wanted to be, but looks alone weren't going to get them more sales.

So we helped Zilliant develop new customer journeys and funnel strategies that prioritized user-experience—from site navigation to the overall advertising / marketing ecosystem.

A brand-new Zilliant

Organizing the effort

Zilliant's old sitemap was a tad convoluted and hard to navigate. We worked closely with the Zilliant team to streamline the site's organization around two simple ideas: products and industries.

What to talk about

The Zilliant team were going to provide copy for the site. We gave them a solid copy foundation in the form of content maps. They contained detailed guidance (including suggested word and character counts) on what to talk about as well where on a given page that information should ultimately live.

Into design

Developing the visual language early in the process gave us a solid based on which to design the site. By the time actual design was in progress, we understood how best to utilize the different elements—like the Zilliant "wave" we created—into something own-able and memorable.

Developing for development

One of the primary requirements for the site was that it had to be easily editable when we finally handed over the keys to the Zilliant team. So, in addition to actual development, we created a component library that Zilliant could use to update the site while maintaining true to the new brand we built together.


Within the first month of launch, the new Zilliant site experienced:

25% reduction in bounce rate

20% increase in pages-per-session

22% increase in average time-on-site

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