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Blue Yonder


Blue Yonder is an industry-leading AI software provider—specializing in digital fulfillment and supply chain solutions. Despite a recent board-level re-brand and having one of the most innovative platforms in the space, Blue Yonder needed a plan to activate the new brand, and communicate their robust AI capabilities to their most important customers and prospects.

Reaching decision makers through creative and technology

Blue Yonder had a vision to utilize highly specific customer and prospect insights to create hyper-targeted, ultra-personalized campaigns. As part of this effort, they worked closely with their own internal sales team to glean useful intelligence and data on each available account (and sometimes individual people at each account).

However, the Blue Yonder team realized they needed more resources and development chops to bring these programs to life. That's why they enlisted our help. We worked with Blue Yonder's executive team to identify dozens of potential target accounts—a mix of current customers and prospects—for hyper-targeted ABM campaigns.

With the accounts identified, we examined each individually and began to determine how we could tailor the interactive content to communicate Blue Yonder's unique approach to cutting-edge AI.  From there, our team would create plans for utilizing a mix of creative and media technology to tailor personalized digital content and digital experiences designed to drive results and campaign performance. Our plan was to truly create an individual approach to each execution.

A Unique Approach for Every Account

Every successful project begins with a great brief. We knew we wanted to create technology-led experiences tailored to each prospective buyer, so we used the highly personalized account and individual data provided by Blue Yonder to develop insight-rich briefs. They included detailed information on the target accounts' goals, motives, pain-points, challenges and more in order to provide our creative technology team with enough fuel with which to craft the most engaging and relevant digital experiences possible.

Why do all this back-end work? More insight means more opportunities for our creative, media and technology teams to uncover a heretofore untapped avenue for developing  truly engaging, personalized digital experiences that get results.


One of our targeted campaign became Blue Yonder's highest performing campaign at the time

Significantly increased CTRs well beyond benchmarks

Created a repeatable process for creative technology concepting

Helped Blue Yonder significantly raise awareness among their top accounts

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