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Carnegie Satellite Solutions

Carnegie Satellite Solutions (formerly SatBridge) designs and creates cutting-edge, smart satellite communication terminals that enable customers to connect to the world wherever they are in the world.


A brand-new company needs to introduce itself to the market in a big way. They need an identity and, of course, a new digital platform. Carnegie Satellite Solutions (CSS) asked Mighty & True to help them design, develop and breathe life into, not just their digital technologies, but the overall brand identity of the company.

Time for take-off

An important industry conference was approaching, and CSS needed some sort of web presence in order to make an impact. However, there wasn't time to design, develop and create copy and content for a full site. Enter, the microsite.

We looked at building a microsite as an opportunity to build design elements, messaging and workflows that would ultimately give us a head-start on the larger build. Not only that, it would give CSS a solid base to build on at the upcoming conference and beyond.

Many of the elements and ideas developed in the microsite stage made it to the full site. That said, many things (aesthetically and technically) didn't make it to the final site because we were able to identify what wasn't working or what could be better.

Building momentum and a new site

With a functional microsite in place and many lessons learned, we could begin on the full site. Even though we had foundational design, messaging and development elements in place, there was still more to do before the constructing the site could begin.

First, we created a site map and content map that served as a road map for what messages and copy would go where.

While we worked with the client on assembling the messaging strategy and final copy, our visual and UI designers and developers got to work devising elements that would elevate the site from an aesthetic and usability point of view.


Striking visuals (like moving 3-D renders of CSS's flagship product)

Smooth and highly usable navigation and functionality

A clear, concise message about who CSS is, what there product does and who it's for

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