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As HPE began to deliver account-based and industry targeted email and digital programs, their demand team needed some help re-messaging and re-imagining how to really reach and resonate with their customers. Our team helped them move from an HPE-focused message and strategy to one that was centered entirely on the customer and their needs.


Sometimes going back to the basics is important. In order to get things right, our team helped HPE:
- Create a clear customer-centric messaging strategy that would inform all asset creation
- Develop strategy documentation that ensures all digital assets were coordinated and consistent
- Drive creative direction and execution across new assets like interactive surveys

Taking a customer-focused approach

The first step to a successful marketing program is empathy - the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. The ability to understand the problems of your customers and speak to them in language and messaging that they can understand is critical. Otherwise, you risk creating a gap between the solutions your provide and meaningful evidence that they solve your customers problems in ways that matter to them.

But empathy should extend to more than just a message. It is important to consider how messages should evolve over time, how those messages are delivered and how often - all while considering the interests and needs of your customer. 

What we did

Applying empathy across all aspects of HPE’s nurture campaigns required a step back to the basics. In order to be sure that we were addressing the needs of the customer, we had to understand them first. This began with a simple brief creation that helped us document who the intended audience was, what makes them special and what we knew today vs what we wanted to know more about based on engagement and behavior over time. 

Once we had a better grasp on who our audience was and their needs, we mapped a full nurture campaign strategy for each of HPE’s primary solution areas. This included messaging direction for each of the nurture assets, comms plans for each and detailed briefs for all new assets that needed to be created in order to best support the programs.

Through the implementation of the strategy, new customer-focused emails and new customer-first content assets, we were able to move the audience through a more intuitive customer journey and increase engagement results through the entire program.

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