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HungerRush is a leading provider of point-of-sales/SaaS solutions for the restaurant industry. Coming out of the pandemic, we helped them re-launch a set of new products that were designed to rebuild the restaurant industry and propel HungerRush to the top spot in their category.


When Covid hit, the restaurant industry was one of the hardest hit. HungerRush was a big part of the solution for food providers that were looking to transform their business and find a way to work in the new normal. The M&T team created and launched an aggressive campaign targeting their most important segments with hard-hitting ads, content and interactive elements.

How we launched a new HungerRush

The vision behind the story

Part of our excitement surrounding the new campaign was HungerRush's desire to help the struggling restaurant industry come back from the worst business disruption in our lifetime... The 2020 pandemic.

To begin our campaign planning and ultimate concept, we provided HungerRush with 3 primary concepts that would carry the new HungerRush product suite to market. They were all strategically sound and just right for the SaaS restaurant decision maker. They loved all 3 so much, that they asked us to create a messaging strategy that utilized all 3 along the funnel. So that's what we did.

Launching 360

Once the strategy was set, we launched HungerRush 360 (their new product suite) in a complete all-you-can-eat buffet of campaign tactics and channels that included paid advertising, social campaigns, events, interactive content, industry programs and even build a plan to launch a game for the HungerRush consumer brand.

Partnered with the HungerRush team, we created a high-performance campaign that spanned several quarters and helped hundreds of struggling restaurants not only survive, but thrive.


Within the first few months of working together, the HungerRush team was able to create an internal and external marketing launch that drove HungerRush to the top of the brand stack for restaurant POS providers.

Created a cohesive marketing message that built engagement and conversion

trained the sales organization on the new go-to-market marketing plan

worked closely with the client team to aggressively blanket the market

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