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Seasoning's Greetings

When the holidays roll around, most agencies like to send their clients and partners a little special something to show they value the relationship. Some agencies send a card. Some agencies send a good bottle of wine or a nice fruit basket. We're not "some agency." We're Mighty & True, and no matter what we set out to do, we want it to be more.

Fresh ideas from seasoned creatives

We knew that we didn't want to send clients, partners and friends just any old gift. We wanted to not only design something special for them, but also test our creative chops along the way. The answer was obvious: we would craft, bottle and send our very own M&T hot sauce and design a special digital experience to go along with it.

How to deliver a flavorful holiday favor

To send hot sauce as a gift, you need, well, hot sauce. Luckily, our team had experience brewing up craft hot sauce, and while they were on that, we spent time developing a creative concept, designing packaging and writing copy to bring it all together. You can read more about our process and the experience (for us and the one we created for the folks we sent the sauce to) on our blog.

Creating a fiery, fa-la-la-la-la experience

As we mentioned, we didn't want to just send a couple bottles of hot sauce—no matter how cool and special they turned out to be (they were very much both). So we created a dedicated microsite to enhance the whole experience with cohesive (and irreverent) design and copy as well as engaging interactivity, including 3-D modeling through our partners Threedium.

Drawing Attention

Site visitors could choose either a "Mighty Hot" or a "True Mild" experience. Whichever they chose, they would be greeted by helpful (i.e. don't try these at home) tips on creative ways to use the hot sauces. For example, did you know that Krampus hates hot sauce or that the Elf on the Shelf is quite flammable?!

To draw out the gag even further, we included some simple hand-designed animations to go along with each tip.

Spotify Playlist

We curated this spicy playlist for the "Mighty Hot" experience. If you couldn't tell, playing this at your holiday party might get you at the top of the naughty list.

This is playlist went along with the "True Mild" experience. It's got more wholesome holiday joy than St. Nick guzzling egg nog whilst roasting a yule log.


Surprised and delighted the recipients

Created a model for further creative direct-mail and/or ABM programs

Developed a cohesive experience that bridged the physical and digital

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