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Silicon Labs

Silicon Labs is a leader in embedded technologies and is helping to create the next generation of smart products and IOT devices for consumers and business.


Silicon Labs' embedded technology powers some of the most innovative IOT devices in cities, buildings and homes. One challenge in demonstrating the value of their products is having engineers simply understand where the technology can be applied. We created this immersive web experience to allow buyers to "enter" into various environments and explore in a 3D / Spatial environment.

Building a virtual showroom

Silicon Labs embedded smart devices are leading the IOT revolution. As part of that leadership, their customers are continually looking for new ways to be embed Silicon Labs' products into new and innovative technologies for cities, buildings, homes and other edge devices.

Faced with a new remote way of working, along with the challenge of explaining where their tiny devices could be used in new products, we got the call from their executive team to re-think how they demonstrate their products in a way that would guide conversations around both the business use and the technical specifications of their technology.

For this project, we knew that VR or AR was not going to be readily used by the target buyer, so we looked to the spatial / 3D web as a way to let user "enter" into the showroom and browse familiar environments and locate just the right product for the use case.

An Immersive Web Experience

Partnering with Silicon Labs product, marketing and sales leadership, the M&T team created 3 distinct virtual world that showcased the Silicon Labs product suite in across the most important IOT use cases in the market today.

We built an entirely custom experience that allowed engineers and business buyers to enter into the "Virtual Showroom", identify common uses for Silicon Labs products and request technical information on each product that fit the technical need.

Behind the scenes, we built custom analytics and tracking data that identified which products were trending, what parts of the virtual showroom were being viewed and interacted with the most and most importantly, which prospects were downloading information on Silicon Labs Products.


Immersive experience in a Highly Interactive 3D web Environment

Multiple "worlds" that users can explore and interact with

a sales and marketing tool that moves silicon labs into the metaverse

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